Protection Necklace 925

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The Protection necklace is a 1/1 heavy weight anchor into safety and security.

Silver is known to carry lunar energy, and is especially active during new and full moons. Due to its reflective quality, it is said to deflect and repel any harm and negativity from the wearer, as well as operate as a mirror of the soul. Silver is often recommended as a talisman of safety for travellers, and has been used for centuries to treat illness and infection.

Can be worn as a necklace or 2 bracelets depending on your measurements.

*Made from sterling silver
*7mm curb chain
*2mm trace chain
*Necklace length 38.5cm / 15.1"
*Curb bracelet length 17cm / 6.6"
*Trace bracelet length 22cm / 8.6"
*Hand constructed to be worn with care

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