Garden Necklace 925

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The Garden Necklace is the sunlight, butterflies and petals of a dewy spring morning, alleviating anxiety and stubborn, low-vibrational feelings.

Pink Tourmaline is often recommended for those who experience frequent bouts of anxiety, transmuting fear into joy and happiness by opening a portal to the heart. Also known for its connection to the heart, Chrome Diopside supports the work of Tourmaline, diffusing pessimism restricting a person from lightness and curiosity in the face of challenge. While the Tourmaline and Diopside open the heart, Blue Topaz invites new relationships into ones orbit, while Pearls protect and inspire trust in the longevity of joy.

*Bracelet foundations made using nylon cord and sterling silver findings
*2mm faceted Pink Tourmaline
*3mm faceted Chrome Diopside
*4mm faceted Blue Topaz
*4.5-5mm freshwater Pearls
*6x4mm Peridot briolette
*6x4mm Blue Topaz briolette
*Hand constructed to be worn with care